Work-based Learning on Schloss Tempelhof Farm

From 25-29 of July, we have conducted our 5-day seminar on Schloss Tempelhof Farm in Germany!  

Participants had the opportunity to experience first-hand how Regenerative Agriculture concepts can bear fruit on a thriving and operating farm. 

For the last 10 years, the Schloss Tempelhof farm has converted to organic farming and been experimenting with regenerative practices – working with mulch, compost, green manures, Agroforestry, compost tee and shallow cultivation. All these practices have led to an ever-healthier soil food web and a notable increase in organic matter. 

During practical sessions, the seminar participants saw how these practices can be put into action and where the important leverage points are. During theory blocks, students deepened their understanding of the online course contents and received new inputs.  

With this seminar, participants gained a deeper understanding and learned practical tools and techniques for enhancing soil fertility, biodiversity, improving water cycles, increasing resilience to climate change and enhancing carbon sequestration. Participants became better skilled to choose innovative paths and sustainable cultivation methods in their (future) professional lives. 

Further information on Schloss Tempelhof can be found here:  Click here

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