Partner Organizations

The RegAgri4Europe consortium consists of 7 partner organisations, each contributing its own field of expertise and skill set to reach our ambitious goals.


CEFE is a training and consulting company implementing short-, middle- and long-term projects in various fields of development cooperation together with and for different public and private donors, stakeholders and ministries. CEFE has comprehensive expertise in entrepreneurship, private sector development, rural development, green economy, youth employment and the VET sector. CEFE’s expertise in the field as well as its experience in delivering international projects makes it a qualified project coordinator guaranteeing smooth management processes and high-quality output delivery.

Schloss Tempelhof

SCHLOSS TEMPELHOF provides a wide range of educational offerings for adults in the area of regenerative agriculture. Its key personnel demonstrated high teaching and research skills in the subject matter. Its 30 ha farm implements the newest regenerative farming practices. Schloss Tempelhof will provide key expertise to develop a modular curriculum, to create training materials and to pilot the course online and onsite.


The Metropolitan College (AMC) is one of the largest private VET providers in Greece and is established as an institution of educational excellence. AMC has comprehensive expertise in Research, Design and Implementation of Curricula, Development of training material, WBL and Training delivery. Among others, AMC’s specialized trainings aim to provide VET learners in agriculture with high-quality technical, digital, green, entrepreneurial and soft skills, in order to a) promote sustainable job opportunities in the agriculture sector and rural business development b) promote internationalization and attractiveness of VET in agriculture through mobility opportunities for VET learners and work-based learning.



Safe Food Advocacy Europe; SAFE’s main objectives are to ensure that consumer’s health and concerns remain at the core of the EU food and agriculture legislation. SAFE’s members are national and European Permaculture Networks and associations as well as individuals such as agricultural entrepreneurs, experts in sustainable agricultural practices, independent researchers and scientists. The core of SAFE’s mission is to train and inform farmers and citizens on sustainable agricultural practices, such as Permaculture and Stock-Free Organic Farming. SAFE’s strong network and expertise in agriculture and permaculture help designing the project’s intellectual outputs and conduct a sustainable dissemination and exploitation strategy


Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) contributes to European primary sector development by conducting basic and applied research in agricultural related sciences. AUA provides extensive agricultural facilities: an arboretum, experimental fields, flower garden, greenhouses, dairy installations, aquaculture tanks etc. AUA contributions address a wide range of issues related to food safety and environmental protection including food quality and safety, water resource conservation, organic farming, precision agriculture, renewable energy sources, biotechnological applications in agriculture and ICT. AUA will provide high quality contributions to the development of the state-of-the-art course on reg. agriculture.


Skybridge Partners is a Greece-based innovative IT SME. The company’s e-learning technology combines current advances in educational theory and practice with the latest in web-based, internet technology and virtual platforms. Skybridge is committed to provide the best in e-learning services and products to the education/training community. Skybridge will hence provide to the RegAgri4Europe participants an effective and attractive online study tool.


ACQUIN is a German Accreditation Body specialized in the evaluation and accreditation of study programs for different types of training institutions in Germany and abroad as well as evaluation and accreditation of quality management systems. ACQUIN will play a crucial role in designing assessment standards, the QA and fine-tuning of the curricula. ACQUIN is the optimal partner to assure international accreditation of the course and therewith the transferability and comparability of the qualification.

Αssociated partners

Förderkreis Biozyklisch-Veganer Anbau e.V.


Τhe Förderkreis Biozyklisch-Veganer Anbau e.V. (non-profit) is a broad association of highly dedicated private individuals, companies and institutions from agriculture, processing, trade and science as well as organisations that support animal rights and a vegan lifestyle. Its goal is to promote circular organic farming without commercial livestock and slaughterhouses and without the use of fertilizers and operating materials of animal origin.