Regenerative Agriculture Training Programme received International Certification

The RegAgri4Europe partnership has recently launched the training programme:

“Regenerative Agriculture”

aiming to accelerate the global transition to regenerative food, farming, and land management and to produce more healthy food. The programme was developed by:

  • Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece
  • Schloss Tempelhof, Germany
  • Metropolitan College (AMC), Greece
  • Safe Food Advocacy Europe (SAFE), Belgium
  • CEFE International, Germany – Project Coordinator
  • Skybridge, Greece – Platform Developer

Under the guidance of the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN), the training programme was reviewed in terms of quality within an Erasmus+ project – by an Expert Committee and received international cross-border certification based on the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) framework for higher education.

The international certification seal is a recognition at EU-level standing for the quality of the training programme and furthering the project’s main objectives of:

  • Closing the skills gap in agriculture education by providing a web-based training on regenerative agriculture.
  • Enabling learners to apply alternative cultivation methods and respond to the challenges the agricultural sector is experiencing.
  • Informing VET authorities and policy makers about regenerative agriculture thereby giving impetus to include teaching contents on the subject into national framework curricula.
  • Integrating the programme into curricula of agricultural VET providers, training companies and HEIs.
  • Providing policy makers, VET providers, farmers, and the public with a coherent picture of the state of the art of regenerative agriculture and helping improve the perception about alternative farming, its benefits, and the possibilities to upscale measures.

The programme is offered on a tailored Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) blended with a practice session on the premises of Schloss Tempelhof teaching farm.

Enrollment to the training programme is free and open here:

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